My name is Lorna Casey and I work from home in Hove, East Sussex, creating bespoke pieces of stained glass, items to sell at Open Houses or running workshops.

I have had a career as a primary school teacher and then trained teachers, specialising in art, at Higher Education Institutions in London, Birmingham and Brighton. I have devised many school-based art projects and worked with children in making exciting learning environments by creating large-scale murals.

I sing with Shoreham Singers Community Choir, led by Herbie Flowers and Michael Hinton, at the Ropetackle Centre in Shoreham. We meet once a fortnight on Sunday mornings and the repertoire is a mixture of musical theatre, popular songs and jazz. Recently we performed in the open air as part of the Sand Festival and in the Brighton Dome Foyer Bar as part of their Open Day.

Many of us have also taken up the opportunity to be part of a community music project for this centenary year of the Titanic. In a piece written by David Bedford, “The Wreck of the Titanic”, we joined other choirs, including a children’s choir and members of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, who formed a band of musicians to represent those who would have been playing on the Titanic as it went down. We performed in Southampton on March 22nd and in Cherbourg Town Hall on April 14th. We also had two more performances after this based in the children’s choir schools, on April 27th in Charterhouse School and April 29th at Windlesham House School.

For two years I have been singing with a choir on Monday nights at The Shoreham Centre, led by Rebecca Askew. “Whispering Woods” is a singing project in its third year now and culminates with performances in the open air as part of the community projects running in this Olympic Year.

We will be performing in West Dean Woods on July 14th and 15th 2012 and this year we have doubled the audience capacity as 400 just wasn’t enough last year! So if you fancy wandering around the woods in the late evening listening to variety of music being sung in the open air then please come and join us.

Recently a few of us have formed a small group, meeting to rehearse whenever we can snatch some time, which is not easy, but it’s great fun! “Good in Parts” (a working title!)  consists of seven women and we sing songs that we like! “Blackbird” by Belinda O’Hooley and sung by The Unthanks is a firm favourite. We have sung in public twice – as a floor spot at the Royal Oak Folk Club in Lewes and at Louise’s Christmas party (we rehearse in Louise’s house!)  So, you never know, we might be spotted somewhere in the future.