Dear Lorna,

Just a note to say thank you so much for a really enjoyable day
yesterday and for teaching us so much in a calm and patient manner in
such a short time.  I couldn’t believe we managed to make two items
(even if the workmanship was a bit on the dubious side!).  Practice is
obviously required to make it look as effortless as you do.

Good luck with the fund raising.

Best wishes
Ingrid  (charity workshop 26/1/12)


Hi Lorna

First of all thanks for a fantastic day on Sunday and think I am now hooked on stained glass. I was telling a friend about what I had done in your workshop and we got onto the subject of tools ( she is already making a fair amount of stained glass items). I was singing the praises of the lead cutters and she had no idea what they were, I tried to find them on the Internet but no luck, can you please tell me if they are indeed called lead cutters and where can she see them for herself.

Thanks and have passed your info on to 3 people who are keen to have a go at stained glass

Thanks again

Stephanie   (workshop February 5th 2012)


Thank you Lorna for a wonderful experience. Sorry I flagged mid-afternoon, I lead a manic life, and thank you for rescuing me. My daughters and all family loved what I had made and girls are really interested. It is great to be part of such an inspiring project.

Love Maggie (workshop 24th February 2012)


Hi Lorna, thanks for a great workshop, also for the photos from the day. I have hung my two pieces in the conservatory, they look really good today with the sun shining.

Looking forward to the copper foiling workshop.

Best wishes,

Pat        (Workshop 24th Feb 2012)


Hi Lorna,

Really enjoyed yesterday’s workshop.

Looking forward to foiling next.

Louise       (workshop 24th Feb 2012)